Our Services

With the ability to manage your project in its entirety, or assist with a portion of your project, Back Roads employs a client-focused, results-oriented approach to help you reach your desired outcome through the use of our dedicated and highly-skilled teams.

Leasing, Mineral Acquisition & Right of Way

Back Roads Energy has a very experienced, knowledgeable and personable crew. Whether we are negotiating a lease, ROW, or acquisition of mineral rights, our team always represents the highest standards of professionalism in the field. We pride ourselves on building honest relationships with the land/mineral owners, to assist them every step of the process.

Recognizing that every lease that is attained advances your drilling program, our buyers work hard to acquire signed leases while professionally educating and communicating with landowners.

Our experience in and knowledge of the field allow us to successfully negotiate and secure the necessary assets required to allow your operation to run smoothly.

Title Services


  • Abstracts – Coal, Surface, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Certified
  • Heirship/Genealogy
  • Due Diligence

Our abstractors work diligently to provide up-to-date, accurate information in the timeframe stipulated by our clients. Realizing they are the first step in a multi-step process, our knowledgeable abstractors effectively gather and unify information from a variety of sources to provide the client the answers they need.

Back Roads Energy has the ability to perform thorough heirship searches using highly-qualified research professionals and high-quality resources. Using a variety of strategies, we provide the legal and complementary documentation necessary to address even the most complex heirship cases. We work diligently to provide prompt and precise results, recognizing the importance of timely research related to oil and gas interests.

When it comes to running title, regardless of the type, our goal is to work smarter for our client. Grouping together common back-chains and leaseholds has proven to save time and money on every abstract.


As part of the Title process, we also have experience with curing any issues that arise as a result of the completion of a Certified Title Opinion. We understand the additional forms and agreements that may be required, and our established working relationships with landowners help to create a seamless process as we go back and secure necessary agreements.

Surface Operations

Oil and gas operations can be complex, and Back Roads Energy realizes it takes more than securing a lease and pipeline right-of-way. We have the experience to secure all rights needed for a seamless operation including, but not limited to: water lines, water withdrawals, tank farms, above ground water storage tank pads, temporary and permanent access, meter sites, pigging stations, valve sets, dehydration and compressors, pipe yards, boring locations, storage sites and construction yards.


Utilizing a full-service GIS Specialist is an essential portion of the day-to-day operations at Back Roads Energy. All projects are mapped at the onset to guide our decision making and planning. In addition to the visual representations of specified projects, the service allows us to better serve our client by developing a more efficient process while saving time and money. 


Back Roads Energy offers the forestry services often necessary in drilling and pipeline operations. From providing appraisals to brokering a sale, our experienced professionals are able to assist our clients through a variety of services.